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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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talks of closure. >> yeah, it works. >> it does. >> all weekend they got it all fixed up. happy monday, get you out the door a little weather and traffic and a little fog out there you can tell by the shot over the eastbay as well. >> there's a lot of fog out there this mourn, welcome. >> welcome everyone. >> good morning. >> a lot of blue what's up with that? >> i know. >> good morning everybody. we do have a dense fog advisory in affect for the delta and any place north of the golden gate bridge. temperature wise currently in the 50s and later today it is the 11th consecutive spare the air day. that ties a record set just last year. 50s and 60s and we do have a chance of rain in the forecast not for the next five days but however next weekend, we're going to track that together as the news continues. we will be talking a lot about this iconic bridge all morning long. of course it opened about six hours ahead of schedule and you can see traffic moving along okay but if you are about to hit the road you will find some changes along the span, so we'll be talking about that
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throughout the morning, plus your overnight road work still out there along 880 so we'll show you where coming up. >> on a monday. well, it is the dawn of a new era. a safer golden gate bridge. the bridge opened about six hours ahead of schedule and today will be the first big test of all of the changes. the new removeable median barrier offers something to see other than the gorgeous view. pedestrians were able to use the sidewalk on the east side of the bridge and got the first look at the barrier that will hopefully save lives. some took advantage of the closure to have a little fun and take pictures. that's bridge spokesperson fria david clemons lying on the roadway. >> we just saw people laying down on the street. that's very very rare. it was exciting. >> well drivers will see some changes on the bridge other than the barrier. hi, mom. the merge from the southbound lanes of 101 on the waldo grade
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have been reconfigured and the speed limit lowered from 55 to 45. the search continues this morning for the shooter who opened fire in a san jose nightclub where chris brown was performing over the weekend. as kpix5 mark kelly tells us it was all caught on tape. >> reporter: a packed concert, a world famous r& b singer and in the wee hours of sunday morning the party came to an abrupt end. >> we heard two shots like pop pop and everybody got down. >> you can see chris brown duck and then get escorted off stage. beth was at the fiesta nightclub. she asked we don't show her face and told us she saw one woman shot in the hand. >> i saw everything. folks going through the emergency doors trying to find an exit.
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>> when the dust settled, san jose police say five people shot. chris brown not one of them. anthony was working nearby and saw people fleeing the concert to save their lives. >> it was chaos, a lot of people running and bleeding. >> the next day, signs of the chaos clutter the parking lot. shoes throw off, tickets tossed. this woman came back hoping to get her purse but no answer. not when we knocked either. >> hello? >> as for beth she's relieved no one died, but she blames security for this concert getting dangerously out of hand. >> anybody could have brought a bomb in here and nobody would have known about it. >> san jose police still looking into what started the shooting and who could be responsible. in san jose, mark kelly kpix 5. well five of the shooting victims are expected to remove.
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heavy rain load to a number of crashes in southern california this weekend one crash involving a large car carrier truck that overturned on interstate 15 in mission valley. unfortuntely nobody was hurt. things should dry up considerably the rest of the week. 4:34. back to work on a monday and there are little fog pockets all over. >> primarily in our inland locations. good morning everybody. as you are getting ready to head on out the door current air temperatures pretty mild in the 40s and 50s so let's take a view right now . this is our live weather camera looking out at a very quiet bay bridge approach. again 50 degrees san francisco, 42 in santa rosa. this is what you need to know. we've had 12 days of january. today being the 12th. we've had 11 days now of spare the air. we're hoping for a good breeze to kick in on tuesday so we can have better air quality but again today it is the 11th consecutive spare the air day.
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temperature wise in the 60s. typically this time of the year we should be at 56 in san francisco but instead we're forecasting 60 where it will remain on the cloudy side. partly to mostly cloudy skies for this monday as we kickoff a brand new work and school week. you'll notice more sunshine for your tuesday, plus again hoping for that breeze to kick in and then on wednesday lots of sunshine, we begin to cloud it up on friday and that will lead to the potential of much needed rain on saturday and sunday. that's a quick look at your monday weather. here is elizabeth. okay, thank you. the back to work commute has begun and maybe the biggest issue on the roads is that fog that you were just talking about so you can see some of it right now if you're crossing the san mateo bridge getting out of hayward, a little hazy on westbound 92. the drive time is still only 14 minutes between hayward and foster city and seems to drive through an own issue, it's the only one this morning but they did go ahead and issue it again. they reissued it right about
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4:00 a.m., just about half an hour ago, heads up, otherwise overnight road work continues along san le and o, southbound 880 to 98 they do have various lanes blocked. they should have cleared northbound road work, there were lanes blocked on the approach to 98 from the southbound end but those lanes should have reopened about an hour ago and here is a live look at the bay bridge all clear into san francisco, no delays so far on either end of the span and no overnight road work, right now as you approach that harrison street off ramp. mass transit also a great idea on this monday, so far everything is on time and everything is on a regular schedule. that is your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:36. new this morning a san le and o police officer recovering after crashing his cruiser in oakland that happened near the northbound 880 on ramp just after 1:00 this morning. witnesses say the officer was chasing another vehicle, hit a concrete piling. a man eating nearby said he
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could hear the impact of the accident. >> the crash was very loud. it was very loud. we literally heard it like it was steps away. the tires were squealing and everything. you heard the siren going on and then all you heard was the crash right after. >> no word on the condition of that police officer. witnesses say the suspect vehicle did get away. happening today as many as 2600 kaiser mental health workers are expected to walk off the job. it's the beginning of a week long strike. psychologists, therapists and social workers are among those taking part. they claim their department is under staffed and patients have to wait too long for point ams. it's working to improve services and is calling strike a negotiating strategy. san francisco city college students will see some changes at the civic center campus, a building on eddie street built in 1911 is closed this morning due to seismic upgrades. students will now attend class at a building on goth street
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instead. faculty it will stand outside the old structure today and redirect students. major breakthrough in the investigation into that crash of flight 8501. drivers did manage to retrieve one of the planes black boxes. don champion has more. >> reporter: piece by piece this weekend crews recovered more parts from the air asia plane that crashed more than two weeks ago. overnight drivers retrieved the flight data recorder and located the cockpit voice recorder under water. the instruments will detail how fast the plane was going before it crashed and also reveal the final conversations between the planes captain and co-pilot. this weekend crews also recovered the planes tail. drivers faced blinding conditions under water as they search for parts of the plane. the most challenging part is dealing with with the heavy under water current and strong waves said this search leader. flight 8501 crashed on december 28 killing all 162 people on
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board. the plane dropped off of radar four minutes after pilots were denied permission to change altitude. the pilots reported stormy weather in the area at the time and no distress signal was sent. crews have yet to find the main section of the plane. don champion, cbs news, new york. the french defense minister says 10,000 security forces are mobilizing this morning to protect the country after last weeks terror attacks. two brothers killed 12 people at the newspaper. charlie ebdow and four people were killed at a market by another gunman. in the wake of the attacks, french president is trying to reassure members of france's jewish community as they vow not to give into fear. >> we find the values of freedom of speech, freedom of expression. >> new video just released by french officials shows the rescue of several hostages who were held at the supermarket. all three gunman were killed.
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secretary of state john kerry will travel to paris this week to help in the aftermath of these attacks. meanwhile, the obama administration has announced a white house summit next month to focus on efforts to stop violence and extremism around the world. in san francisco yesterday thousand of people gathered to show their support for the victims of the paris attacks. the group gathered outside of city hall holding signs and posters honoring the victims. many people in the crowd were french ex-pastry ats. >> we live away from france but our heart goes to the french people with the french families who lost so many people. >> only those people, the french against the world. >> signs saying "i am charlie" were seen through out the crowd is the slogan being used by the supporters to show solidarity with the magazine. new this morning, a
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pakistan school that was the scene of a bloody massacre by the taliban finally opens its doors once again. students returned to the school where 150 students and teachers were killed back on december 16th. the military school is under tight security but they're planning to reopen and have a big ceremony. while the school is open classes won't begin until later this week. happening today the senate is expected to start voting on the keystone xl pipeline. a procedural vote today will kickoff debate on the controversial legislation. the republican controlled chamber has to vote to end the democratic filibuster before taking up the measure. the president vowed to veto the pipeline if legislation passes congress. last week the house passed a bill approving construction of the pipeline to carry oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. some people signed up for cover california and were promised a big tax refund may end up not yeting what the they wanted and as derek shore explains they may end up owing
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money. >> reporter: anthony lopez one of more than a million in california enrolled in covered california. >> i'm happy with what i got so far. >> after capping his income for this year the college student and part time caregiver shells out only $54 a month for a silver ppo plan. the federal government picks urest of his premium in the form of tax credits but that credit could bring a crushing surprise when it comes to enrollees tax refunds. >> there are going to be problems in it. >> we turned to tax attorney betty williams who answers why tax refunds for participants may be affected. >> if too much was paid, if the turns out their income was higher than anticipated they essentially have to pay it back and the way that's paid back is through whatever other refund they might have. >> if you told covered california you'll make one annual income but really made more money, you may have to give some of that tax credit back. it will likely be in this spot.
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>> people who change jobs and perhaps got a higher paying job. >> or people who simply made more than they thought they were going to. people like anthony who ended up working more hours than he had planned but didn't think to report the change to covered california. >> i am a caregiver for two patients and as it goes by the hour our budget is based on california budgets. >> the exchange says participants should be updating their income throughout tax year if the income changes. >> when there's an income change during the course of the year to get in contact with the service center to notify about that change. >> anthony relies on that tax refund and he's concerned. >> the tuition and my job, i just like to have, i always have had the tax rebate. >> and the state will send out notices later this month. 4:43 on this monday morning, a little rain in southern california can put a
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damper on one of hollywoods biggest nights. the big winners at the golden globe awards coming up next. what is cool at your school? you can e-mail your nomination, and we may
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a remarkable thing has happened. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. you can compare plans side by side choose the one that best fits your needs and enroll online. is also the place to find certified experts in your area who can answer your questions for free, and help you enroll. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income, and 4 out of 5 people who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit
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but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. hollywood awards season has started. >> yes it has. last night the best in movies and best in tv honored at the 72nd annual golden globe awards. suzanne takes a look at all of the big winners. >> and the golden globe goes to boyhood. >> [applause] >> boyhood won top honors at the golden globes, taking home the statues for best picture drama, best director for rich and linklighter and best supporting actress patricia arquette thank you for shining a light on this woman with and millions of women like her and for allowing me to honor my own mother with this beautiful character. >> eddie scored his first
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golden globe for portraying steven hawkins in the theory of everything and michael keaton won for birdman. >> to come from a place where i come from i'm proud of all my friends and my family. thank you very very much. i'm extremely grateful. >> while they are seen as an early indicator for who might win an oscar they also honor the best intel evision. >> fargo won best mini series and best acting honors for billy bob thornton. and gina rodriguez won for her role in jane the virgin. for the third year in a row, tina fey hosted the show, as usual the lay lampooned, the stars even one who wasn't there. >> and into the woods cinderella runs from her prince, and sleeping beauty just thought she was getting coffee with bill cosby. >> [laughter] >> cbs news, beverly hills. well, next the oscars those
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nominations will be announced on thursday so we can all stay tuned for that. tonight it's the buck and ducks battling the first ever college football playoff champion. oregon and ohio state fans have fun posing with the new trophy that gets awarded for the very first time today. actually tonight. the game will be played at the dallas cowboys stadium in north texas first time the 14 playoff will decide the national title. >> we've been waiting for this for a long time, for a better system. >> the 14 playoff we get the best teams in that pool playing against each other. we've seen who the two best teams are right now and that's oregon and ohio state. >> oregon is favored to win by a touchdown. i'll be watching. >> i bet you it was definitely a football weekend. >> it was crazy. >> horizontal saturday, sunday. >> yes. >> you know what's so crazy iran my very first marathon in madison, wisconsin in 1996 and my son was a year and a half
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old but when we went there we had a problem with the tv and it kept saying welcome to madison and my son retained that and has been a green bay packers fan ever since. he loves everything about wisconsin so we had fun watching that football gym yesterday. it was crazy isn't it? another crazy thing happenings 1 straight days count themes 1 straight days of spare the air. good morning, another hazy day on tap and in addition to that we have a dense fog advisory very foggy areas in our inland areas. visibles down to a quarter mile in some locations. just lost our camera there so we'll move along. again with the spare the air in effect for today and dense fog advice our for inland areas and anything north of the golden gate bridge. we did have that disturbance that brought the rain showers to socal moving out and going in an easterly direction. we do have another area of low pressure upstream. this is really important to notice because that is going to shift our winds around on tuesday and until then we've
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got the haze but i'm hoping for that breeze to kick in on tuesday and if that does indeed occur then we will get rid of the haze that's been lurking around the bay area ever since the second of january. next shot of rain does come by this weekend, we'll keep a watchful eye on that because it's time to get more precipitation here in the bay area. 63 degrees today and the fog at the state capitol 63 and the fog in fresno, lurking around modesto and again the lack of a good wind does kick out that i mean does enable that wind to kick out the fog and also the very hazy conditions. we do have spare the air throughout the central valley as well. our temperature today into the 60s. a non-existent breeze today. 59 degrees around vallejo, and martinez and here is the extended forecast that does call for that dry weather pattern to continue each day, with that chance of rain returning on saturday and sunday. you know what? you'll want to take a look at the fog advisory this is what
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you need to do. get the cbs bay area weather app and check out conditions in your area and you can get realtime radar and even get my blog. search the kpix weather app at your own app store. it's now available on both iphone and android. how foggy is it elizabeth? >> you know it's getting more and more across the golden gate bridge. i've been watching it the last half hour so the fog continues. you can see traffic flowing nicely that's good news so in addition to the fog a few more changes if heading out of marin county and into san francisco across the span there's a new merge, you'll have to merge from right to left and there is a new speed limit. they've lowered it along the waldo grade from 55 to 45 and then just an adjustment to get used to being next to the big median barrier. of course it is for safety reasons so just watch out for that within the next couple days drivers are so used to driving next to the small little cones. this may be slightly different
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and feel slightly different especially and there is six fewer inches of lane space so you'll probably notice it at least for this first coming week we'll watch it. in the meantime more fog crossing and fortunately traffic is not too bad this weekend in some of your alternates. the richmond bridge, bay bridge we were anticipating things might get a little extra crazy over the weekend but fortunately traffic was pretty light in both directions of the span. never got crazy. here is a live look out the door 880 in oakland, southbound traffic is fine right now near oakland colosseum, oakland airport, so the next eight minutes or so you may still find that overnight road work in lane to 98 and once again dense fog advisory still in effect for the bridge. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. well we don't recommend doing this on your bike but in new york no pants, no problem. >> yeah, this is in new york frank. at least on the new york subway yesterday riding the rails pantsless, started as a prank
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12 years ago and today its become a worldwide tradition known as no pants subway ride day. >> go figure. >> they have boxers on though fyi. >> it's a little cold out there. 4:53. all three world series trophies are back in the bay area. where you can pose for a
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well with the air qualita round the bay area gets any worse we're going to start setting some records. another winter spare the air alert has been called for today. the 11th in a row tying the record set back in december of 2013 and the streak isn't likely to end right away either. the forecast calls for unhealthylevels of polution in the north and south bay tomorrow. we'll need some wind or some
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rain to finally wash it all away. the cdc has now declared a flu epidemic in much of the country. 22 states in puerto rico are reporting high flu activity. more people than usual are going to the hospital and more cases are being confirmed by laboratories and pharmacies are reporting difficulty keeping flu medicine in stock especially liquid doses of famaflu. president obama wants to force business to tell their customers if private information is compromised. the president is asking congress to pass legislation requiring companies to reveal if their private data has been hacked and he wants them to do it within 30 days and also is proposing a bill that prevents companies from selling student data to third parties. 4:56. this afternoon the giants three world series trophies will be on display in concord. it's the second bay area stop of a continuing tour. anyone who wants to see the three trophies together can
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come to the plaza starting at 4:00 p.m. and fans will get a chance to take a picture with the trophies. live at the golden gate bridge. changes for your morning commute, coming up we'll let you know what's different on the bridge with that new median. live in kaiser in south san jose where they are getting ready for a healthcare worker strike that will be the largest one a remarkable thing has happened. over a million californians have
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expect slightly different condition on monday mornings. >> the golden gate bridge is back open. the first cars to cross the span last night after the installation of that center median. it all wraps up earlier than expected. millions offer people all around the world marched yesterday to show support for the people of france following last weeks terrorism.
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today french officials will hold a crisis meeting to figure out how the known militants were able to carry out that attack. police were inside a chris brown concert at the fiesta nightclub early yesterday morning when the shooting began. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning to you. >> hi, everyone. it's monday morning and good news. golden gate bridge is open this morning for folks in marin, the bridge reopened late last night after the installation i think you can see it that new moveable median barrier. >> the bridge opened more than six hours ahead of schedule after being closed for the entire weekend. kpix5 is live from the san francisco site of the span with


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